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Originally Posted by MisaoFan View Post
Pretty much like generic harem shows where the animation is outsourced from South Korea and puts the girl in DVD cover that make otakus buy it, imagine where they put loads of bishies in a shounen manga cover that makes fujoshis buy it. Nowadays, most otakus (even fujoshis) are just reading/watching stuff for fanservice rather than story or characters.
You really like to keep talking the same nonsense that "putting male characters on the cover of a shounen manga is instant fujioshi bait".
First you have look at your target audience and the type of manga . In most of these "shounen action series", you will obviously see more male characters on the cover because they are usually the stronger/cooler characters than the female ones (which is in my opinion especially true for the big 3 : one piece, bleach, naruto).
Of course you will attract more female fans when the cooler male characters (like Uchiha Sasuke or Hitsugaya Toushiro) are on the cover, however in the case of these kind of series it's unintentional.
Compare it with American Comics, if i wanted to buy like a JLA comic, then i rather want to see superman, batman, green lantern or even the martian manhunter on the cover instead of wonderwoman or black canary. No offense to the people who likes those female heroines, but most teenage males prefer male heroes over female heroines because they can identify or idealize more with male ones.

The ecchi/harem shounen series have more likely female characters on their covers, because the female characters are the main selling point for these kind of series. In the few cases that there is a male character on the cover, then it's really not meant for the female audience. You can't possibly think that for example in the rosario+vampire manga, when Tsukune is on the cover that the sales will increase thanks to the fujoshi also buying the manga?

As for the topic starter, do you have some examples of "shounen manga's" that don't seem to target the shounen audience anymore? I can't seem to think of any at all. I have to agree that most "shounen series" are also attracting female readers, however the plot and settings never shifted to suit it for a completely different type of readers. Like the prince of tennis and hitman reborn also have a huge ammount of female fans, however these manga's still remain targetted for the male teen audience.

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