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Originally Posted by Kakkou View Post
As much as I dig characters with heterochromia, My fear about having Neko be the MC would be that she ends up being as useful/charming as MCs in harem (or in this case, possibly reverse harem) stories generally are, meaning not much at all. Should that be the case I'd rather she be a secondary character that only appears now and then so I can marvel at her lovely dual coloured eyes and not have to constantly lament how useless she is.
I wish she won't be useless, but I should say she must be as useful as Edward Elric and his clones (not in terms of appearance, just personality) and I'm not sure what I should add much about her. The problem with reverse harem heroines is that usually they are just as useless as typical romcom male leads. So if Neko turns out to be another useless reverse harem lead, then most people won't be happy with her.
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