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Arcana Famiglia is JC's staff first VN adaptations after quite some years. Maybe some people will change their minds on JC staff being the production studio for Little Busters depening how well/bad that anime will turns out.
Well, except it should be pointed out again that neither the director nor writer for that anime appear to work for J.C.Staff, nor have anything in common with the team for Little Busters... plus the demographic for that show will probably be generally different than for this one.

I think one of the reasons there's so much consternation in this thread is because people tend to oversimplify everything under the banner of the animation production studio when so many of the key decisions are made by people on the outside. So whether this other show is good or bad probably doesn't really tell us much if anything about what to expect for this show, because there won't likely be any overlap of decision-making personnel.
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