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Originally Posted by MysticNinjaJay View Post
There are no remnants of Orochimaru in Sasuke's mind. Itachi saw to that.

He's not technically dead either. He was sealed in some kind of genjutsu world by Itachi's Susanoo.

My guess is that Sasuke will use Susanoo to free Orochimaru or enter that world himself in order to communicate with him.

I don't think Orochimaru is "The One Who Knows Everything."

Rather Orochimaru can give him the ability to help Sasuke on his quest to confront that person.
my thoughts exactly =) I knew orochimaru would be back sooner or later, it was just a little later than I predicted since I figured kabuto would unseal him from itachi's sword.

So now sasuke will unseal orochimaru from the totsuka sword or possibly converse with him in an ethereal world as you suggest, but I want to see orochimaru come back in a real body, at least for a little while. although if he remains sealed for this part of the story, perhaps he will make an appearance after a timeskip in the next story with naruto as hokage...

and yea, I dont think sasuke means orochimaru to be the one who knows everything. the last time sasuke spoke with orochimaru he was condescending and treated him like trash. I hardly think he would all of a sudden call him the one who knows everything. the only character we have ever been told about who fits that bill is the rikudo sennin so I'm guessing that sasuke thinks orochimaru can either revive him or that he knows how to speak with his spirit. it makes sense that such an amazing and god-like ninja above all the others we have ever seen would find a way not to fully die and leave this world.
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