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I just realized that in some weird way, The fate of the ninja world will lies on Orochimaru's words. the "Truth" will be a deciding factor for whether or not Sasuke still wants to destroy Konoha and all of it's Inhabitants. I don't think(rather I don't want to believe) that Oro is Tobi in disguise. Personality is way too different. sasuke is just going to go meditate? or maybe last Itachi ecounter left him with the sword where he can undo the seals.

another thought, If that scroll is as much of a trump card they say it is. That mean that Orochimaru did not lie to sasuke and would have been able to kill Itachi once he got sasuke's body. Sasuke had seem to have tried to kill him because he thought he was too weak and he stood a better chance against Itachi alone.

I'm Guessing all scroll has is the secret to sagehood. It all kinda makes sense now. Orochimaru was experimenting with the first's DNA, created yamato. after Uchiha Massacre he could have had all the eyes the Sharingran eyes he needed. But he was more intent on getting an Uchiha body. so all this time he was striving to becoming a sage of six paths, who better can really master ALL ninjutsu.

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