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Originally Posted by Casshern View Post
Any idea as to what the 3rd power in the title refers to? I was looking forward to seeing a new sharingan power but it looks more like it might refer to Oro himself.
It may refer to Team Hawk or just Sasuke. The first two could be the Alliance and Tobi/Madara. Sasuke and his group would now be doing their own thing in the war. It could also just mean Sasuke individually as the last panel showed Tobi/Madara/Sasuke and could mean those 3 are now separate antagonists since Madara can now move around freely. One does have to wonder if Madara still considers Tobi his partner or will do things on his own.

Originally Posted by Mateus View Post
Wouldn't it be great if Orochimaru somehow reclaims his title as villain of the manga?
A non uchiha villain? Yeah that would be exciting. It would be interesting what that scroll actually says but I'm betting it has something to do with the Sage of 6 paths. Oro obviously has quite a bit of info on him and I'm betting his original goal was to somehow transform himself into him. He wanted to gain all knowledge in this world which is what the Sage had. He wanted an uchiha body and did experiments with the 1st's DNA. He was looking for a way to combine the two. Kabuto likely did a half assed version of that to create the new Madara.

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