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Yeah, just think how Matsubara Natsumi was feeling after this year's election. Being a 2nd gen member and have to go through the humiliation of sitting by herself in the Team A row because everyone else on her team but her made it into the Top 64 ranking. (exception Aachan who withdrew) Now that is painful....

Or Sato Amina who got 8th in the election but only got 5 sec in Iiwake Maybe video. She was so upset she pretend to smile when they showed the video but ran to the bathroom after to cry. That scene Orine was in the bathroom with Takamina in the anti ep remind me so much of that.
Also Sayaka who's getting push bb don't deserve this. Personally the AKB0048 situation is better because at least Sayaka is top 9 members..

oh and Team B members are pretty ignored most of the time beside's kinda funny since they're the cute group in term of image but tend to get

Anyway Megu and the other trainees might get more screen time next season. It is about the election, I'm guessing everyone will be include

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