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Originally Posted by bigdeal000 View Post
^That...if she's Zoan then she could transform in a complete bird, a smaller one capable of tracking Law. And harpy is just the human+animal form.

I think a bird (even if it's small) would be a little too conspicuous in a location like Punk Hazard. My guess is that she can transform into something else entirely separate from a bird. I mean heck, Monet could even be an amoeba zoan for all we know!

BTW, kinda unrelated, but the cover for volume 67 has been revealed:


Nice! So we've got Kinemon, Monet, AND CC in color (at least in his gas form as far as the last one is concerned). But there's a couple things I find odd here: First, Law isn't on the cover for some reason (unless Oda's saving an epic pic of him for the NEXT volume's cover), and.... do I see human legs on Monet's harpy form?! I find that odd since the past chapters showed her legs were talons. Either this is a mistake on Oda's part, or we just got another hint that the harpy body is indeed her zoan form (meaning I'd have to disregard my above joke about her being an amoeba woman)......

Also, I suppose some of you may be wondering about that One Piece White book I mentioned a few threads back. Well..... it turns out that the book focuses on the anime version, so it doesn't look like we can expect any new manga info, unfortunately. But on the flipside, volume 67 is released next week, which of course means the possibility of some sweet SBS info.

Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
not really a big fan of the heart stealings... i thought it made much more sense for vergo to have some sort of gravity ability which would be a good counter to law's ability. it also would have explained the food on his face to a degree. this development actually undermines vergo's coolness, since he didnt really do anything himself to pin down law, he was just carrying around his heart... i dunno. doesn't really do it for me

Dunno about you, but I think the mere fact that CC entrusted the heart to Vergo in the first place has a lot of significance. And besides, it wouldn't make sense for him to have a gravity-based ability when that power was already taken by Blackbeard, don't you think?
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