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Carbon Arrow's user's flaw is he lacks faith in others. In his childhood, Taiyou had no friends because doesn't know how others will treat him. He disliked being used, hence why he isolates himself most of the time. Even he has maids and butlers to talk too, he feels that they just paid to interact with him. His parents hardly have time to deal with him and try to find time to for him. He's a douche not because he is an jerk, but because he lacks trust in others. The island changed him and his family's understandings. His father uses the time on the island to get to know his son, while Taiyou tries to open up a bit. His mother used a lot of her money for charities and let go all of the maids and bulters (one wanted to stay with her for her own reasons) which to her selling the estate, her resignation and her husband's company being bought by the Committee. She still needed to find another job to support her daughter who was one-yr old at the time (she enough money, but always thought about further on in life). She manage to get a stable manager's position. She didn't search for them because she had faith that they would come back no matter what the cost (what faithful woman). When her son suddenly appear in front of her doorstep 5 years later, she broke into tears. They made up with each other's feeling and understand their situation. Taiyou before and after the island are pretty different. He uses to be isolated and by himself, now he tries opening up a bit (he has a hard time opening up to burst linkers because of his past experience). He played the AW a lot in the past (got to Level 7), but now doesn't play much unless someone duels him or he's just bored (by this time he got to Level 8). His personality changed as well from an self-centered, isolated jerk to someone more mature (still somewhat less of a jerk) and is little more polite and is responsible. Speaking of responsible, his mother allow him to live on his own as long he contact her time to time. Thanks for the 3 years, living by himself wasn't a big deal to him. Even though he gets good grades, very athletically and own a company, he wants to be a doctor; want to give life instead of taking it. He's good in other fields, but chooses this because it's his choice. Taiyou like Fuuko and is the only burst linker he open more than other burst linkers. However he feeling embarrass telling her that, so hides it from her (even though she knows he likes her). He spends a lot of his free time with her and enjoys talking to her. Kuroyukihime always tease him about his fling with Fuuko. Another thing is he is very protective of both Fuuko and her DA, Sky Raker. Let just say you rather get beat up by Carbon Arrow than Taiyou himself. His "scar" isn't comparable to his physical scars during 5 years. 50% of his body is cover in scar tissue and has fracture or broken nearly everything bone in body except for his spiral cord. He doesn't like to show scars and is always covering it with more less exposed clothes. unless it's medical emergency. Only NN (including Fuuko) know about this, however rather not have known it at all. Taiyou has habit of doing thing himself despite the drawback. He really hates bullying to the point of putting the bully into the hospital.

This is all that I can come up with right now and the info I'm okay with. Carbon Arrow could fight a King, but too lazy to do it.
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