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Originally Posted by KeithKurogane View Post
I have a bit of idea... but I think I need to polish this a bit...
Note: This is just a part of the Prologue I'm writing right now...
Spoiler for Accelerated Zombie (Accel World x Kore wa Zombie desu ka?):

What can you say guys?
If this is what I think it is, then those bullies are on very thin ice.

Assuming that Haru is Eu's current Zombie, and that a certain series of events means that he is on friendly terms with the cast of Kore Wa Zombie (including Nene and Chris)....

Furthermore, there's NOTHING the bullies can do to him physically.

So, I'm very interested to see what direction you plan on taking this with, since we are getting a more self-assured Haru here, it seems.

Is his physique also different? I'd assume that he's no longer the pudgy short midget we know. Short, yes, but not pudgy.

Also, his Avatar... well there are places you can go with this. I'm imagining Silver Crow with 500% Headbutt, 1000% Mystelitian Kick Variant, and a Chainsaw arm. And wearing a Kilt.
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