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Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
Just because he didn't know, doesn't mean that it wasn't used.

So...his DA is a flying lobster?
And beam cannon on the right arm? What about the bigger claw that is also on the right arm?

Well, seeing that that fic is further into future, it's okay...but we still don't know what happens when a DA reaches Lv10
Of course I don;t know what level 10 truly encompasses, hence why they "graduate", disappearing from the traditional brain bursts. Although, most of my plot lines draw most with the Matrix and that I might have "graduated" people become "moderators" of the system while in real life, have access to nearly unlimited Burst points as a reward.

@Flamespark: xD. Not really a flying lobster, but having the claw anatomy of a lobster.

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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