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Originally Posted by grevierr View Post
Why didn't anyone hear frying bacon at the end?
Did anyone see where Sergeant Zim ran off to?

I'm not sure if that's an error with the subs or the writers of the program.

But that was a battalion that they last fought (Episode 09) and they said that they have an army sized unit underneath the NW Outskirts of the base.

Army unit sizes
3-5 companys= battalion
3-5 battalions= Brigade
3-5 Brigades=Division
3-5 Divisions= Corps (Pronounced Core)
3-5 Corps= Army

Cause if they are right with the numbers, thats a wipe unless Yui gets the railgun on the way out and get's it working.

Keep forgetting is this a 24 episode or a 12-13 episode anime?
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