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A pretty nice breather episode.. but eh, the quality..

Originally Posted by kaizerknight01 View Post
Ps Is it just me, but i see parallel between Takeru and Meiya's relationship ( well in unlimited that is )
.. I think it's just you. I see what you mean, but I feel making that parallel is a bit of a stretch..

I'm completely dumbfounded as to what the phrase "Nash Ura" is supposed to mean. They were using it like a chant in this episode.. and that confuses me even more.. I honestly can't even tell what the studio/writers were going for by using it. =/

But ah, Yui smiled again! She's so adorable when she smiles. *melts*

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Cause if they are right with the numbers, thats a wipe unless Yui gets the railgun on the way out and get's it working.

Keep forgetting is this a 24 episode or a 12-13 episode anime?
Well, I'm guessing that she's going to try to hold the BETA back until back up from the coast (Argos Flight, Zhar Flight, and maybe the other Flights?) arrives.

It's 2 cour, so 24 episodes.
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