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Scored!! I picked her ability right.

Yamadas always had a terrible imagenation thoughout the manga, so its going to be funny how he can work this. I dont quite get how he can hear the other 2 guys since the telepathy only worked because of him. Unless its something like a hive network.

Also, I was thinking 2 chapters ago, wouldnt it be funny if she turns out to be like the girl from Sayonara Sensei with her text messaging. Then reading this last chapter......... "ah it really did happened O_o".

One thing thats been on my mind for a while. Is Urara seems to be very ok with letting Yamada handle her body, even as far as having him take a bath being fully exposed. I wonder if thats a sign that she has so much trust in him, and doesnt mind "if its him" having her priv parts exposed too. Shes been a character I've found hard to read because of her pokerface. But she does give him aot of flexiblity, and asking him to kiss others if its for something to do with powers.

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