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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
The problem here isn't that we don't see much of Hero's story. It's that we know nothing about the demon world and its problems, so the viewers don't care about what he's up to. And therein lies the main weakness of this show: there hasn't been enough good exposition to sell the world, and selling the world is a vital part of the story. We find out quite a bit of information about the human world: the power politics, food situation, commerce, social structure, and so forth. Demon King's efforts interweave with all of these elements, and we get an idea of the stakes involved. What about the demon world? Almost nothing - not the power situation, society, not even anything about normal demons.
Until proven wrong the conclusion is that showing demons (doing what demons do) would tarnish the low magic level setting they want to portray.

I'm being a bit picky here, but I really question the premise behind sustaining the war as related by Demon King. Generally, famines happen when there are local shortages of food from temporary causes, but she's talking a global shortage, and a continual one at that. A continual global shortage of food means that there are too many people for the land to sustain across the entire human world. The only possible outcome is that people die off (and very quickly) until it drops to sustainable levels. In this kind of scenario, the human nations wouldn't have the capacity to survive, much less be able to wage war.
I am even more picky than you, but TBT the setting mimics the real world actual setting, where there is not enough fresh water and food to feed actual world population at the levels expected of developed countries. The end result, we have a percentage of the population that eats more than required (overweight people) and people that eat less than required, but they do not die right away, the live weak and frail lives and die young of common diseases. Even when the situation is dire and millions die in one year, the goverment will hide the fact to prevent political turmoil. Also, wars (like the ones we know exist and africa but seldom appear in the news) hide the fact that many of those who die already had high malnutrition levels.

The overall idea of solving the problem through increased food production is a bit wonky as well. During the Medieval era, subsistence food production is strictly a local affair since it's impossible to transport vast quantities of food across large distances. And thus adding a corn crop in the north will do very little to help people starving in the south. Don't get me wrong - there are a lot of interesting ideas in the show, but they're just not developed as well as I'd like.
Let me remind you that in pre-medieval times (during the Roman Empire) North Africa was the barn that supplied the crops to feed the empire. A shift in the earth axis due to the moon slow retreat into deep space has changed that area into a vast desert but lets not forget that wheat + windmill = vast amounts of raw material to make bread or beer.
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