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Animation Quality: 7/10

Funny, when the series started 10-11 months ago, everyone was like screaming on how bad the anime was. Well, compared the animation today.. it's quite, retro.. maybe. But I'll give it a 7 though, animation is simply for the eyes...

Voice Actors: 7/10

Voicing... let's see. Nothing special. The dubbing is good.. no delays that were quite obvious. I think the seiyuus really did well..

Script: 5/10

I never read the light novel so my rating will be based on the series only.. wait.. never mind... Anyway.... the writer for the anime tried everything to fused explanations into 25 episodes ( right?). They did explained evrything except one thing... The death of Mamoru and Maria.. period..

Soundtrack: 7/10

Well, I give credit for the first ED song, Wareta Ringo. One of the best song that season. I'll give a 10/10 for that song only... very moving... What made me disappointed was the Maria ED song... don't ask me why... it's so out of place... I mean it director!

Editing: 7/10

I can't really decided... they gave too much attention on the Maria x Saki shipping so that made me want to give 5/10 but for the "Shun farewell" was wonderfully executed I give 7/10 ... well, that's all.. oh the ending... yeah.. thanks for a happy ending..

Enjoyment: 7/10

Oh, yeah.. the SSY crazed... I really enjoyed it... we got dark episodes, confusing ones, irritating ones, sad ones ( Shun...) and horrifying ones in the later episodes... I did enjoyed it,though, I did a lot of jumping.. hehehe

Emotional Involvement: 7/10

*sorry for shipping

I was deeply moved of the Shun x Saki interactions.. gave me tears actually... other than that. we got rage and hate for Yakomaru and how stupid humans are as a whole... really moving..

Overall Rating: 7/10 > Good

Worth to be told....
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