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lol, so silent here... I didn't know there would be an "overall impressions" thread, otherwise I probably wouldn't have written my impressions in the thread for episode 25.

Anyway, this is one of those anime that I find pointless to judge based on stuff like "animation" or "music" because all aspects together form the whole, and the "whole" was awesome. Did the show have flaws? Sure, a number of them, and there was one that I found rather grating. But as ahelo said above, the positives simply outweigh the negatives, and in the end, I'm just happy and thankful that this show was made, and that I had a chance to watch it. As I said in the episode thread:

I'd just like to say that as much as I groused about some changes in the last arc, I think this was, hands down, one the strongest anime I've ever seen, even with its flaws. It's quite unlike anything I've seen before - sure, much of that is due to the source material. But there's also:
- the visuals - sure, it was made on a very tight budget but even so there are some striking visuals in this show (quite a number of them in this last episode), and there was of course the first ending sequence that was simply awesome. There were also some nice camera angles, visual ideas, etc.
- the designs - I've heard people hating on the character designs, but I think they worked well, and the character designer should get into fashion stat.
Spoiler for epilogue:

And I really loved how they designed the various creatures in the world - the minoshiro, the fujouneko, etc.
- the music - everyone loves that haunting bgm that plays during key scenes, but the rest is pretty nice, too - not flashy, but it does what a BGM needs to do. The first ending, Wareta ringo that was simply awesome. (Let's just forget about the second ED.)
- the seiyuu - the voice acting was brilliant. Namikawa Daisuke is the star here, sure, but Taneda Risa, Kaji Yuuki, and the rest of the cast also did a fantastic job.

All in all, I'm happy that I met this anime. I'm glad the sponsors were willing to invest money in this, even though they must have known that it wouldn't be much of a success (or at all, as the case might be), and that despite everything the production team seemed to do their best at all times in spite of the budget, the time and the difficult to adapt source material. In the end, Shinsekai yori had flaws, including questionable writing/directorial decisions, but it was a powerful show, and it will stay with me for a long time.

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There are stories that could be told, I'm sure, through OVAs, like what occurred between the time skip to adulthood that made Saki and Satoru stop being friends?
Nothing. *grinds teeth* That's the one thing I'll never get over and I'll never understand why they had to change it. They're not supposed to have stopped being friends. >__<)
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