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Excellent serie. The flaws are few (mainly animations/graphics being quite poor from ep 5 to ep 12) and superficial, the qualities are numerous and strong.

As someone who's always about details, consistency and realism, I tend to be nearly always irritated, even when I like a serie, by things being convenients, or complexity being ignored, or hard choices being bypassed or the like. Toward the Terra or Darker than Black for example, had a very similar societal setup (superpowered humans vs normal humans) but didn't live up to the complexity, reality and ethical difficulties of such a situation.

Well, THIS serie actually DID manage to get it right. Nobody is the good or the bad guys, everyone do things from logical and understandable (even if gruesome, repulsive or whatever) reasons which come from real problems and not just the author's own all-resolving preferences.

I was riveted by the depth of the serie, how everything was carefully analyzed and explained, how everything had a reason for existing, etc.
Lack of manicheism (I could never really take the side of anyone against anyone else, as I can understand and relate with every single point of view in the show - don't really see how people could ever see Squealer as a villain, even before the trial), realism before convenience (finally the heroes is not some dumb "I'll react stupidly with a knee-jerk reaction that will throw all logic to the wind but somehow ends up being the thing that will magically makes everything better" guy) and exploration in-depth of what could happen with a simple but world-changing premise, made this serie one of the most intelligent, deep and interesting of these few years.

Great, great show.
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