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Terabyte needs anime!
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LOL I love that pancake dutch bunny!!! Save the dutch bunny! How about a little pancake bunny being held and cared for by Gaara while he is hugging Hinata for our new sig-I still love the one we have now slade But with a new song for Naruto it might be time for a new WACWNS member Sig??

Kaoru, I just re-read your Sig and the idea of Oro running around without underpants is just *where is that barf-o-meter* I'm feeling sick, I'm glad he wares those long robes

Sorry, but I don't know how to do photoshop Gai-Kakashi heck no one wants to see my posts with pictures *Dranz spoons out eyes* see this is why i don't *plus to lazy to sit down and learn it* Just joking Dranz i wouldn't want to babysit this forum either *Gai Sensei thumbs up to you-honest*I'll pack up a chocolate bunny for Dranz to cheer him up then it will henge into Sasuke and that will really cheer him up!

shonen law of physics
Sakura will continue to whine and get none yet has great contract w/lots of air time!
Hinata will continue to be a asswhoping girl and be sweet and get no air time
Naruto, yes he will never die, unless he offers himself to be sealed in his best friends body Sasuke *puke*
Kakashi, the cool young guy with talent and all we see in one eye and his toes and his hands....bother then...
Jiraiya, the older horney guy who walks around with the coolest hair and uber strong talent however his shorts are baggy. (most skin shown of all male characters)
Tsunade, most talented all around, yet foolish (bad poker player) & LAZY..
(gosh could you picture her kids with Shikmaru's?- they'd be like "don't make me raise my finger"-when their kids are acting up)
Lee, has the lowest talent born ability yet works the hardest yet get's no girls (shit does anyone get any? ever-oh yeah they do in this thread) and get's injured the worst.
The 3rd: Super strong and stuck with taking care of village and has to ware the funniest hat ever seen (and in public) I don't get it as his ninja outfit is the coolest by far!
Neji: Strongest in clan, yet still just a caged bird and can never rule or lead clan.
Sasuke: well, we all knows he's gay :fingers: enough said, and all the girls want him.

so actually this thread is ANTI SHONEN

*the other day I heard the word "beads" and because of this thread my head starts thinking "me likey anal beads (repeat)" *ads more to barf-o-metre. I'm sure I have Sai to thank for this

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