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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Basic problem with "giving the audiance the finger" theory is that they didn't. Simply put, the previous episodes effect and change Tomoya and this is proven in episode 24 even more so than in 22. If this had been the finger treatment, the previous episodes would do nothing to Tomoya and just be for the audiance to try and get some meaning out of them.
Well that's what me and Dex are debating in the other thread.

Secondly, this is how the original source material ended, though after a series of going through every game arc, again and again until you managed to get through them all. Then you get to see this ending. By that point in time, the "player" deserves this ended and is meant to feel that Tomoya deserves it as well.
In the game yes, not in the anime. If i watched episode 22 and someone told me I needed to play the game to understand that would belike a giant middle finger too. And the fact that Tomoya deserves a happy ending doesn't mean a damn thing. That's why sad endings are so sad. Just because it's from original source material doesn't mean a damn thing either

However, if the ending had been just 21...I think it would have felt like a finger to the viewer/player. All that, for nothing...just a dead family...mother, father and child. It wouldn't feel right when you have other mystical things happening around them (a cat that gets turned into a human for a time, a girl that's spirit can go around and carve starfish for her sister's wedding. and a guy that can survive multiple forced head trauma from dictonary impacts and repeated rapid kicks to his person).
Well that's why plot devices are made aren't they? Because the writers reached a dead end?
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