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Originally Posted by spawnofthejudge View Post
No, but it wasn't incomprehensible in the anime. I got it, and I hadn't played the game until after I watched this episode. After all the foreshadowing about the lights and such (particularly Yukine's arc), it would have been a giant middle finger to not use them and have Tomoya die uselessly.Plot Devices Are Not Bad. They can be used well and not well. And since nothing's original these days, it's easy to call anything we've seen even once before a 'plot device'. Things are simply used again well, and we call them 'good', or not used again well and therefore safely ignored. Don't make me link TVTropes on you.
I know it would've been a gaint middle finger not to use them and I know that plot devices aren't bad. It's just that I wished they were used and a happy ending was achieved in a way that didn't break my suspension of disbelief. And the reason I think it did break my suspension of disbelief is because i think it sort of contradicted all the messages the anime has been giving.
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