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Originally Posted by spawnofthejudge View Post
I'm not sure it undermined it. It was clear to me that the illustration of the end of 21 was that Tomoya could not cope... and through realizing that he'd rather have what he had and lose it than to not have it at all... It was about him losing his family (again), but finally realizing that he'd rather have it with all of its ups and downs than to not have it at all. So... I can see how the ending might be slightly sideways to that, but I see it that he earned his happy ending with that realization.
I'm not really that bothered, but I just feel it could be better. It's just that I've thought of atleast two different endings that I think would be better, and I'm kinda pissed neither happened. I'll admit though, the endings I'm thinking of probably aren't any better from a purely objective standpoint. This is guy who just loves "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.

I do, though I did not make this one.
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