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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
Why are you putting words in my mouth? I didn't say it was a lie, I said it was full of crap. There's a difference. You can tell the truth and still be full of crap. Presentation matters, and I do not trust the presentation for a second.
It is extremely hard not to conclude this way, when you are questioning every single detail regarding this scene, not giving credit one bit. Your sarcasm about this episode trustworthy aspect doesn't help in that matter.
And also, what's with all the white knighting for the veracity of a story steeped in the influence of quite possibly the single most loathsome and untrustworthy person in the entire series?
Whiteknighting? Rather for something from the "most lothsome and untrustworthy" character, it is supririnslgy on the line with old episodes you see.
I dunno, it seems you are discrediting this game just because Bernkastel is involved in there. Does it make any sense for a character to have their twisted fun to actually put false stuff, despite she needs Will to expose the truth? How about the fact the clues were said confirmed?

I think it is "perhaps" better to consider each game of the puzzle. It isn't even about the characters, but about the storytelling. Why would Ryukishi makes a so "flawed" kakera and using the "so worst character" as you describe then?
It has a meaning and it certainly went more smoothly than "people playing dead for some reason" with Lambda and Battler.

Keep in mind that Bern is solely affecting the possible presentation and interpretation. Facts are not affected by it. I see little point to just claim "it is trash" when it does tie with a lot of things from the previous episodes.
Fan sitching technique? Who knows, but it is arguably noteworthy to have a look.

No, it isn't. In fact, every part of ep7 is fundamentally flawed from almost the beginning of Will's interrogations. We are made to accept a fundamental premise, are essentially bullied into it along with the characters, that there exists a chain of continuity between three characters, only one of whom is confirmed to have ever existed, and that this continuity must be accepted in one, and only one format. Dissent to this notion is flatly ignored as the story progresses, hoping we will forget about it. I like to think this is intentional and not just the writer himself hoping we'll forget. Because I still think this could be a good work, against all odds.
What are you talking about? You keep beating around the bush for a while now.
We are then asked to like a shallow caricature who never existed in the episodes supposedly needed to "solve" the mystery, are blatantly and openly mocked for our inability to insinuate such things, and are then effectively told that none of the characters we actually started liking from the start really amount to much. Kyrie and Eva are lucky to come out of things with additional characterization at all.
Asked to like? So far, it is all about the reader appreciation you see. There are characters meant to be hated, but the rest is pretty much a lot of shade of greys, giving the fanbase a certain amount of choices.
If you were that disappointed, feel free to say so. But declaring "this is crap" as if it was a fact really doesn't rub me well, and I don't think I'm the only one here.

You may feel dejected, but your tantrum really is getting insulting.

This character twists other characters into meaningless illusions or shallow mentally disturbed hypocrites who blame other people for their kindness. We're shown a very down to earth, subdued, human Kinzo then asked to conclude he's an incestuous rapist madman. And every time we're asked to justify these characterizations, we feedback-loop back onto the very same premises we were told we must believe in, not because the solid evidence for them allows us to reach no other conclusion, but because things that sound similar must be similar.

Well, I'm not going to do that.
No human are clear cut good or evil, nor they are forced to remain on the path they have chosen. Kinzo was just insane, pitiful, and the fact he went to that extreme points don't redeem completely.
If you see that as a cop oup, suit yourself. but don't push your frustration on others, as if they were idiots.
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