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What are you talking about? You keep beating around the bush for a while now.
The stories about the epitaph, gold location, chapel construction, Rosa's meeting with Beatrice-2, and Natsuhi's baby are all just sort of mishmashed together and handwaved when the dates do not seem to necessarily sync in the slightest. Will essentially forces Rosa to confirm 1967 when she isn't really all that sure. In order for the entire story to make sense, a series of assumptions must all be true. Some of them perhaps are true. Others cannot be proven true. We're being asked to assume that because they appear to "fit," that those parts which are true lend absolute credence to those parts which are purely speculative.

And given what we heard Bernkastel say outright at the end of ep6, I'm not sure why we aren't to take this as at least partially speculative itself.

Sorry that asking uncomfortable questions that challenge the purity of the narrative presented is a "tantrum," but I think questions need to be asked, because parts of the narrative require leaps of faith I see no justification to make.
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