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Also, two of Agatha Christie's big "firsts" had the killer as the most obvious person, and the motive laid right before the reader in the first half of the first chapter. In both, pretty much everyone thought they knew who the killer was in the beginning, but by the time the story ended, so much had happened that they were completely shocked by the killer's identity.

In a way, that's the toughest kind of mystery to write. To shove the killer right in the readers' face and still manage to trick them.
The problem with that is, isn't Shannon sort of waved in people's faces when they do the alibi deduction thing around ep3/4? I'm not sure how popular a candidate she was when only ep1 existed, but she rose to rather swift prominence as a possibility around ep2 or 3.

It just feels like a very flat revelation. It's not like anybody did a whole heck of a lot to confound the adults' claims in prior episodes. We got magic scenes, sure, but people were critical of those from the start.
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