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I liked how Biri Biri said that the fondue that her mother brought was dangerous to Academic City, surprised Index held back on biting Touma this time.

So Oriana's partner is finally shown, was it Lidvia? well she hasn't done anything yet.
Biri Biri attacking Touma while hugging Index was great. So Sherry is working with Orsola now, its good that they show how past characters are doing, i forgot what they were working on, was it related to the case?

The Tsuchimikado-Oriana fight could have been better, but hen again he can't use too much magic, i liked his bluff, surprising she fell for it.

The final scene was the worst, i definitely hate Oriana after doing that cruel thing to Himegami, just bad luck for her to be mistaken a Necessarious person, looks like Komoe remembered the spell that Index taught her to heal, so hopefully Himegami lives and gets better.

Touma better do something next ep, looked like Lidvia will make a move finally next ep.
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