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Himegami's collapse:
Spoiler for volume 10 accidental firing:

Touma and Stiyl find Himegami:
Spoiler for volume 10 accidental firing:

I do agree that the animation was iffy in this episode as well, especially in the beginning. I thought it was a pretty good episode, but I am kind of confused as to why there was no blood shown in Tsuchimikado's fight when he should be very weakened due to using magic and there was so much blood shown in the Himegami scene.

Tsuchimikado was able to bluff Oriana into thinking he could contact Kanzaki because he assumed that Oriana knew nothing about Eastern magic.

If anyone is still confused, the cross Himegami is wearing was a gift from the British Puritans sent to her after the Deep Blood Arc to seal off her powers. It is a Walking Church, the same kind of protection Index herself had at the beginning of the series. Oriana who was paranoid of enemies tracking her down at the time acted on impulse and attacked her.
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