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Spoiler for Suggestions:

1) It shows how long its been since I played VC2, I don't remember When Juliana FINALLY started to respect to Avan and Zeri as both a class and as people. I remember Juliana finally called Zeri by his first name, I don't remember what month it was and I don't really remember when it was when
Spoiler for VC2 spoiler:

2) Yeah, same thing, been so long since I last played, I don't remember the GRAs rank. General, Commander, Captain, who was who?

3) That part could have been cut entirely, true. I'll fix that.

Thanks for the ideas for the final part. I love this Marion fanfic, it's alot better than the Magari one. Strange, I LOVE Magari, because she is Darcsen. And I've never really love Marion, BECAUSE she was a Darcen hater, and me being me, I love Darcsen people!!
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