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Originally Posted by Snowman24 View Post
Not quite, I spent the whole day celebrating my birthday and working. But here's what I got in the last hour.

I want your full, blunt, honest opinion :P

Spoiler for Marion preview #5:

-The ending is taking longer and is much harder than I ever thought. That's how it works, it sounds short, simple and good in my head. Then, once I get to typing, it becomes SO much more complicated.

btw... I wrote this after I got back from the bar after celebrating my birthday:P Since you asked, I wanted to get something new up :P. So it's probably not my best written stuff. But it's close to what I wanted... VERY rough draft that I'll change later as well.
For something that was rushed, it's not bad. There are some spots where you mess up, though.
Spoiler for Suggestions:
Looks like we're nearing the finish line. Keep it up!

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