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Originally Posted by Irenesharda View Post
I don't know if I would go that far, Izuru is no Amuro, and while Jiart and Teoria have similar attributes, they're definitely no Char and Sayla.

I actually said in the beginning that all these guys are sort of generic versions of their Gundam counterparts, but never can really compare with the real things. They have begun to become a little more interesting as the show has gone on, but Amuro, Char, and Sayla are three of my favorite character in Gundam period, for a reason. They actually have real character. I can tell them apart from the many other Gundam protagonists, antagonists, and leading ladies. I can't quite do that yet with Izuru and the gang.

However, I do understand the comparison that you're making.
Well, my comparison was only in the surface. I made that comparison half-sarcastically to be honest. Of course I know that, character-wise, the trio of Izuru-Jiart-Teoria canít be compared with Amuro-Char-Sayla.
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