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Originally Posted by Tenzen12 View Post
Mechas itself was development by humans alone (If what Rin said is truth), Lacus provided only Juria system to utilise it's full potencial.
what Traece said. The mechas were based on Walguru technology given to the humans by Teoria but the Juria system was created by human technology specifically by a woman named Juria who we have yet to meet.

Originally Posted by Puu View Post
I was under the impression Izuru's mech upgrade had to do with Theoria (wasn't she the one who gave the humans the tech?) knowing beforehand about his potential and giving Red 5 innate upgrades just in case he needs it. Because her estimates were off, though, the machine can't quite keep up with him.

I wonder what Izuru really is.... (what if he's really Jiart's clone?!)

Just throwing random ideas...
that is certainly an interesting idea and would make sense. Izuru was likely always intended to be a pilot even while he was still in school so it would make sense that a lot of it woul be built around his specs.
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