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I found the chapter too messy. In terms of the art work. The DE of the characters also looekd messy. Mor's attack didn't look good not sure what it is meant to be. Again no flashabck for Mor nor Alibaba training. Would have been nice if each one got their own page. But I did like the look of them. Most of Sinbad's house hold vessals where not able to come due to a "non assimilation" state and that this could be bad for Sinbad one day. Alibaba and Aladdin face was just priceless. Pretty much speechless threwout the whole thing.

The assimilation is most likely a household vessal final form. Soo En's Household proformed the assimilation a few chapters ago and that is why they look very much like En's Metal Vessal. Explains why Drakon looks the way he does. Funny how Mor also wants to achive assimilation. I wonder if she would look like an Old women. I like how Yunan commets on Sinbads tail when they where talking.

Its this chapter explains what Granny magi and Mu have been up too. Prince Nerva doesn't know how to DE. Weird as I thought he would do seeing how afraid Titus was when he was talking about them. The long nose general looks like his Djinn is water based. Looks like Poseidon. Plus he too has a spear. Nerva should also get a spear to make them the spear users of Reim :P.
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