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Originally Posted by Sethi
Nice, then there's a possibility that will exist a villain that also ate a Gomu Fruit it would be cool to see Luffy fight someone with the same power. However the fruit i want to see the most(If it exists of course) is the Kaze Kaze Fruit, fighting someone who can become and create wind should prove to be a nice challenge.
Uh... hasn't Eric eaten the Kaze Kaze Fruit? As far as I remember, he could make wind blades.

Originally Posted by Kaze23114
Hey that was my plan!! LOL

I was wondering.. what if a person with Fruit power.. has a child *not adopted* would he/she get some of the powers becuase of the DNA traits?
According to Mendel laws, they would. Luffy's DNA was changed when he ate the Rubber Fruit so that he can stretch all parts of his body. So these genes would pass down the generations and create a Rubber family lol

Though this probably won't happen in One Piece
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