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Originally Posted by nani View Post
More information can be found here (in Chinese/Japanese) :

In essence:

Kyoto(京都) - Himeji (姫路) : Hikari Shinkansen
Himeji (姫路) - Wadayama (和田山) : Bantan Line
Wadayama (和田山) - Kasumi (香住) : Sanin Main Line

The author traveled from Osaka to Kasumi and the journey took him 5 hours, so please be prepared....

BTW, have a nice trip
Thanks for the info!
I wasn't sure where I would meet the Sanin. Although I wasn't worried.
Although I really had no idea how long the trip would take. :3
I figured it would be at least 3, oh well.

Well I might do a basic Yukito still. I was going to do a Misuzu animegao :3
(If I did I would get a hotel, change hidden, sneak out and take pics then sneak back so I wouldn't be spotted. :3)
Although I guess it wouldn't be best to make a good impression, not for me but for all the other westerners who follow.
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