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I was watching some old episodes this weekend and I came across something. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but when Ichigo was confronting Byakuya on the bridge of the repentance in the SS arc. Ukitake mentioned something interesting about Ichigo looking very similar to someone and Byakuya quickly responded and said something along the lines of he is nobody and has no relations to the man on you're mind, my superior. Could he possibly be talking about Isshin?

The most interesting thing about this is who ever they were referring to must have been incredibly powerful since the look on Ukitake's face was priceless.

I have read this entire thread and I donít recall hearing this from anyone. I donít read the manga because I like being surprised in the anime so Iím not sure if this is cannon or not. Maybe a manga reader can confirm this for me. When I get home I will post the Episode # with time frame.
Actually they were reffering to Kaien, you know the shinigami Rukia killed that was possesed by a hollow. He looks exactly like Ichigo except his hair is black.
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