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Well I've been and gone now.
I hate to disappoint, but that is about it. I'll write up completely later on and upload photos, but simply put - I didn't manage to accomplish anything. ;-;

My original plan was to have a friend come along who spoke good Japanese. He was here on business and would do some traveling with us afterwards. His plans had to change because his boss is dumb. I tried making a reservation for the night but failed pretty bad repeatedly. I doubt they dislike foreigners in the region, but I got hung up on twice.

Walked around and took vague pictures because we couldn't find/get to anything. I was pretty sure I knew where the bus stop and shrine were but those were two things we wouldn't be able to reach on foot with our baggage in tow ;-;
It was a pretty sunny day but that didn't work well on my physical and mental exhaustion. I was pulling a bag around with two weeks worth of stuff and wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. Later that day my luggage broke from all the pulling. ;-;

I still plan on going back someday, but it'll be awhile.

I'm going to go soak in a bath, try to fix my luggage, and tend to my wounds.
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