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Originally Posted by kMisuzu View Post
Well I've been and gone now.
I hate to disappoint, but that is about it. I'll write up completely later on and upload photos, but simply put - I didn't manage to accomplish anything. ;-;

My original plan was to have a friend come along who spoke good Japanese. He was here on business and would do some traveling with us afterwards. His plans had to change because his boss is dumb. I tried making a reservation for the night but failed pretty bad repeatedly. I doubt they dislike foreigners in the region, but I got hung up on twice.

Walked around and took vague pictures because we couldn't find/get to anything. I was pretty sure I knew where the bus stop and shrine were but those were two things we wouldn't be able to reach on foot with our baggage in tow ;-;
It was a pretty sunny day but that didn't work well on my physical and mental exhaustion. I was pulling a bag around with two weeks worth of stuff and wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. Later that day my luggage broke from all the pulling. ;-;

I still plan on going back someday, but it'll be awhile.

I'm going to go soak in a bath, try to fix my luggage, and tend to my wounds.
I was pretty beat when I posted this so let me fill in a few gaps.
I speak very little Japanese and I think most people in the area have an accent. A schoolgirl on the train on the way back spoke just like Haruko. I got hung up on probably as a result of frustration on communication difficulties and they didn't want to wait for me to flip through my phrasebook. I did call a friend and have him call on my behalf and they said they were full. There were other places but he had to get on a plane and the one with the best chance of luck was out of our range and we didn't have their phone number. If we went out to their area it would of cost a lot of time and money. We had to call it a day, because if we went out there and couldn't get a room we wouldn't be able to make it back to a city with a hotel we could stay at.
Also, I found that even what I thought was a good amount of research wasn't enough, and this hotel definitely wouldn't have internet to do more. So even if I stayed it would be very difficult. I at least could of visited the shrine/temple and the bus stop.
It also seems like the station area shore front has been getting a bit of a remodeling, there was construction on new walkways and something else. Wait for the pictures on that one.
btw, Anyone know of an easily accessible (by JR rail) luggage shop in Hiroshima or Tokyo?

still going to write a full report with pictures but lacking proper AIRness ;-;
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