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In a radio interview with the staff of Ga-rei Zero, they said that the production of Haruhi-chan has'nt started yet.

If the announcement is true then either AIC Spirits or asread will produce this spin-off.
This assumption is entirely false.

Here is the facts from the radio show:
The staff member who was talking was the Ga rei Zero producer Atsushi Itou who also has "(The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (TV) : Planning Producer" to his credit. He is talking about long gaps left between seasons of series and interest in the show. He happens to bring up Haruhi and then says "As of the time of this broadcast, (subject unclear) hasn't done Haruhi-chan yet."

Therefore, there is no reason to conclude production isn't in progress nor is there any reason to conclude that Kyoani isn't doing the production.

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