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Originally Posted by AvatarADV
Okay, here we go.

IN THE BEGINNING, there was Neon Genesis Evangelion. Lo, and we looked upon it, and saw that it was good. ;p (Your mileage may vary.)

Four episodes had additional footage added for the Director's Cut; we recently released them and 25-26 on two new discs. (This is "Genesis Reborn" and "Resurrection", respectively.)

After the series was over, and the ending was deemed as bizarre (which it is, though I like it), a new ending was planned as a movie. It took longer to animate than they thought, though, so they ended up releasing it in two parts: first as Death and Rebirth, then as End of Evangelion. They came out in the US at the same time, if I'm not mistaken, but from Manga and not us.

Now we're working on the Platinum release, with the remastered video and a new 5.1 mix (and we're also going back through and reworking the subs ;p).
So what can be added on since this was originally posted?

Now we have the Platinum Edition. Is this the same as the Japanese Renewal edition? Or is the Renewal edition something that still hasn't been brought over to R1?

Originally Posted by Ambience Blue
Okay... I'm really confused now. What would be the optimal order to watch them, then? (I've just finished the original series and am confused). Correct me if I'm wrong:

1. Original Series
2. Death and Rebirth
3. End of Eva (movie)
4. Director's Cut 21-26

Thx, folks.
Actually, the best way to watch it is:
1. Evangelion 1-20
2. Director's Cut 21-24
3. Evangelion 25-26
4. End of Evangelion Movie
Death & Rebirth: There is no reason to watch this movie because it contains nothing that isn't included in the list above. The first part, "Death" is merely retelling episode 1-24 with 5 minutes of new footage. All that new footage was included in the Director's Cut rendering "Death" pointless if you saw the director's cut. The second half, "Rebirth" is just the beginning of "End of Evangelion" so that is equally redundant.

The original version of Evangelion 21-24: This is merely an inferior verison to the Director's Cut, lacking all the new footage from Death.

There is no Director's Cut of episodes 25-26.

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