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Originally Posted by Birdway View Post
Obviously Tenchi-oh means Heaven's King but "metsuzan"... got the kanjis by any chance?
Unfortunately no, i didn't see the original spoiler;;

Originally Posted by belxebu View Post
In case you didn't noticed, he broke the weapon of Halimede with his bare hands and Halimede was almost shitting his Cronotector
Yeah, this. Shun could've destroyed Halimede easily - he even explained a Saint like him doesn't need his cloth to fight, and was about to do it. He stopped and let himself being beaten because he wanted to cure Rei's brother without hurting anyone - heck, he was fully aware that Rei stole his clothstone and didn't stop the deal since he wasn't worried at all about it.
(That's why it helps when people who don't know Japanese wait for subs before commenting)
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