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With Yggdra you actually have to think, both in combat and on the field. With FE... you send your strong units in and let them kill everything. If you do that in YU, that character will die so very quickly. Yggdra innovated, and surely wasn't lacking. In fact, it may have even had too much! Yggdra is easily the best SRPG on the GBA.

SRT is leaps and bounds above FE. It innovates graphically with enhanced animations(unlike FE which reuses every animation, SRT does new animations every game), sound, story, etc., and new game mechanics. Chain attacks, support, massive weapon selection, customizability, all go to show that SRT is superior. In fact, I can't think of a single way that FE can beat out SRT.

Compared to other games, FE just gets worse as it goes along. It doesn't introduce much new(in fact, in FE9, they took out almost all the stuff that was introduced in FE8, good and bad), and they reuse too much stuff. In the end, FE is pretty awful when compared to better games like Yggdra Union or SRT(although by no means is FE bad).
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