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Fire Emblem 3: Was the longest and although graphically challenged had a lot of secrets and an interesting system involving the gems set within the Fire Emblem granting special abilities to the characters.

Fire Emblem 4: was my favourite with its emphasis on army to army combat and outdoor maps. Plus I love the story and characters so much I've played it 5 times over, more than any other strategy game in history.

Fire Emblem 5: Hard as hell, but satisfying when its over with. Anyone who has played this knows the name Cyras and the terror his mere presence on the battlefield spells for your army.

Fire Emblem 6: I felt this was a step back in some cases and boy does Roy suck as a leader. Still the length and the fact it was the only SRPG on the GBA for a good long while made up for its shortcomings somewhat.

Fire Emblem 7: 2nd favourite in the series with the 3 lead characters that strike a balance between Speed (Lyndis) Power (Hector) and Defene (Eliwood) and an excellent storyline and some of the best music on the GBA. I sometimes listen to The Legend of Atos theme when I'm bored or upset and need something to lighten the mood. Knowing how to use your main characters is key in this game.

Fire Emblem 8: A huge letdown with its short length and laughable difficulty. I'm pretty sure I could have steamrolled the whole game with just Ephraim at one point and the last boss went down so quick I thought it was only a prelude to a second form like Ashnard.

Fire Emblem 9: Still not done it yet but its been very fun, introducing some new systems like the Custom weapons system and Bonus Experience among others and bringing back the long lost skill system that made 4 and 5 so much fun. Though it could be a little more difficult as the Laguz Lethe and Mordy are somewhat broken.

Fire Emblem 2/Gaiden: Man this one is easy with its ability to let you power level anywhere. It barely feels like a Fire Emblem game to be honest. I guess that's why they call it Gaiden.
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