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Originally Posted by Avvesione View Post
Something big happens, but it's not always about Saten.
When did I say it's about Saten?

The first time Saten made an appearance near the main cast, he found how both Blade and Arclight were identical, wich lead the first to take the decision of taking Blade's body.

The second time, he revealed Eve was supossed to have a byakugou, but for unknown reasons is missing. He even knew Eve had the Doppelganger.

The third time, so many things happened: He let them have Kurumi's corpse, so Blade could copy her fragment and destroy the virus put into Eve's brain. Then he let Blade copy his fragment on purpose. Finally the most important one. After letting Aruka mortally wound Cruz, Saten faked defeat in order to let Eve bring Cruz back to life. During that process, Eve used her cells to atach Cruz's arm. After coming out from under the ruble, the first thing Saten did was looking at Cruz.

Finally, though it's not a development but more a detail, Saten called Blade "idiot" when he threw Arclight out of the building.

As you can see it's not about Saten but the main cast, specially Cruz and Eve.

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