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Gotta admit, this episode was surprisingly very good.

8 out of 10.

While this "comeback of Yozora" was rather weak since they waited 11 episodes to finally re-establish Yozora's position as the main heroine, the episode was still handled well. A decent way to end a season.

Only wished the entire season was handled with such quality.

And they severely downplayed Sena's comeback at Yozora (when she thought Yozora had been dumped).

Still, a very good episode.

Will see if there's gonna be OVAs.

"Then, I'll treat you as more important than a hundred people. Even if there were a, a million or a trillion people, even if it means standing against the entire world, I'll still be your friend no matter what." Taka (Kodaka) to Sora (Yozora), "Past", vol 1.
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