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As a note for Lunatic players or those planning to take it on in the future...

If you have Anna show up with a Master Seal after you finish a chapter before Chapter 13, SAVE IMMEDIATELY.

Yeah, I learned the hard way when I saw Anna show up with Master Seal in a town after Chapter 5. Bought it, then used Rift Door on another town and bought that Master Seal as well. Thinking it was predetermined, I class changed both Chrom and Avatar just for kicks, and decided to test them out in battle.

And when I reset? I loaded the postbattle save and instead of Anna, I get a random battle, one of the battles gets 2 units now (which means its harder to get the specific items), AND the rift door on the other town did NOT get me a Master Seal.

Son of a bitch.... I went from the best possible outcome (Promote gains are frigging OP in this game, like maybe ~25 points of stats, which is a GOD SEND in Lunatic early) to the worst possible one.

Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Still wanting to get Royal Weapon on Morgan, I decided I'd pair my Avatar up with Azure (only character whose localized name I hate).
But but but... he's named after the most interesting character of Princess Bride.

Originally Posted by Mai Sakurando View Post
Now, let's see who to begin with for my avatar. Too many decisions and I am thinking of starting as female avatar first and have her pair up with Chrom.
If you want powergaming... Female, MAG asset, Luck Flaw. Reason for this is Avatar is the only character that has access to Ignis (apart from the child), and only females has access to Gale Force. Magic is stronger because of Nosferatu shenanigans, but even outside of it, magic is better on the Avatar because of range and that you don't have access to a magician till later.

Only major downside to pairing up Chrom and Mage Avatar is that growth for their children is not optimized, but considering the limitless levelling up you can do in this game, it's really a non issue. The other minor downside is that you don't maximize the amount of Children that will get GaleForce.

And in Lunatic, you gotta make sure you get Speed upgrade on her first 3 level ups, or else those Myrmidons are gonna double attack her (and its usually lethal).

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Childhood Friend couple STATISTICS(spoilers abound though)

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