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Ep 1.

Yes, the Bokura ga Ita-like character designs drew me into this. Guilty as charged. No, I wasn't very impressed with this.

Two things I dislike about this show: the comedy and the characters. Shoujo anime has been really hit-and-miss recently as far as comedy is concerned. Titles like Nodame Cantabile and Bokura ga Ita have managed to hit it out of the park when called upon to do comedy, but others like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and (I'd argue) Honey & Clover as well (people will disagree with me, but I thought H&C fell on its face as far as comedy was concerned, it just managed to completely excel at everything that wasn't comedy) are really below par. So, I'm not sure what to make of shoujo anime's track record on comedy, except that when it's good, it's outstanding, but when it's not, it's regrettable. This is regrettable so far. It's really a very primitive style of comedy and most of the jokes have centered on the moronic competitiveness of the two leads. And, that's what I dislike about the two leads as well: they're moronic and competitive. And Otani is manipulative. They're not exactly doing a great job of being sympathetic, which is a priority, IMO, in shoujo anime, since you almost always have to like the characters before you can like the show.

I regret picking this up. It's not showing a great deal of promise since the characters don't even reveal likable characteristics when they go introspective (which has been rare so far, admittedly) and their motivations are incredibly simplistic. I'd hate for this to become another Yamato Nadeshiko, but that's where I see it going.
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