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Conversation has dead-ended; let's try a different track.

We know little to nothing about Koizumi's background and family situation. In Sighs, the scene by the pond is described as being "near Koizumi-kun's place", but it's never specified whether it's his apartment alone or his family's. (And despite its close proximity, they head to Tsuruya's house afterward instead of his.) He himself has never mentioned anything, aside from the small mention in Melancholy that:

"I don't know what really happened three years ago. All I do know is, I suddenly realized I possessed paranormal powers one day three years ago. I was really scared; I didn't know what to do. Luckily for me, it wasn't long before the 'Organization' took me in, or I would've killed myself thinking something was wrong with my brain."

(The official translation from Little, Brown writes the phrase in bold above as "The Agency soon took me in and gave me guidance".)

I've seen a couple different suggestions with (as far as I know) no real support to back them up -- one, that Koizumi was orphaned at some point and has no other family, thus the Organization literally "adopting" him so to speak. Another is that the Organization kidnapped him once they realized what he was. Another possibility might be that his family became part of the Organization after that day three (four) years ago. Or maybe, if he does indeed have a family, they're completely unaware of his powers and his connection with a frighteningly powerful and manipulative secret society.

What do you think? Are there other possibilities? Koizumi suggests that gaining esper powers was akin to winning the lottery -- random, with no other prerequisites. But do you suppose that Haruhi (assuming the theory that Haruhi-is-god and thus is responsible for the creation of espers) could have leaned more towards a certain type of person than another? That is, could she have preferred a tragic backstory for her chosen espers (those who became espers were orphans or had really horrible childhoods or some other heart-rending history) or a completely normal one (everyone she chose was utterly normal, with typical family and typical interests, that just happened to have bizarreness thrust upon them)?

Obviously, until we learn more from Word of God, this is all just speculation, but I'm curious about other thoughts on the matter.

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