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Originally Posted by Jonbob0008 View Post
I pretty sure in one of the later stories he admits that he lives alone.
Hmm, I don't remember him admitting that he lives alone, but then, maybe that's why he doesn't seem completely adverse to ending up with Shami-ni. A cat's company is better than nothing at all! I'd love it if someone could track down the source for me!

Spoiler for Where Did the Cat Go?:

Something I'd forgotten in my original post is that in Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, one of Koizumi's wishes has to do with "family" -- the Baka-Tsuki novel translation uses "harmonious family", while the anime subs say "the safety of my family" (DB_L-E) and "the peace and prosperity of my family" (a.f.k). The manga adaption uses the same phrase as the a.f.k sub. At first remembrance, I thought this meant that yes, Koizumi must have family somewhere (involved in the Organization or not), but then I figured... if he was obeying Haruhi's orders about making wishes that could be granted 16 or 25 years in the future, those could be about his own future family, which is also kind of interesting to consider. (Koizumi wants to have kids?) Alternatively, it could also maybe mean a metaphorical "family", within the Organization? (Mori-san?)

Originally Posted by Jonbob0008 View Post
He's never talked about his family, but from what I understand, it seem likely to me that they're still alive. Perhaps when he discovered his powers, his family was helpless to help deal with them until the organization came along and offered to help in exchange for him joining them.
Temporary custody, maybe? Or more like a boarding school of sorts? If they're alive, I wonder if he just doesn't like talking about it, if he's kept silenced by an NDA of sorts, or if it's just that no one's ever really asked him? (And before anyone says "Kyon doesn't care", Kyon does too care, in fact he's stated multiple times that he's actually pretty curious about the Organization and all that, but that he knows that if he asks and Koizumi doesn't want to or can't answer him, he'll just get the run-around. So he's resigned himself to waiting until someone offers the information.)

Originally Posted by Volcanic View Post
Koizumi's daily life would be interesting to get into. We've been to Yuki's apartment a couple times, and Mikuru is established to be from the future and thus living alone, but other than the mention above, we know nothing about Koizumi
I agree, it really is something I'd like to know more about. I just hope we don't have to wait for, say, The Awakening of Koizumi Itsuki: Episode 00 before we get it. XD

Originally Posted by Volcanic View Post
Until that mention, I thought we'd have a story sometime where we went to his house and it was completely normal, and his parents were all "We're so happy he has someone coming over, that hasn't happened in three years!" xD
His parents must think he's an absolute delinquent, staying out all hours of the night, disappearing randomly in large black taxis that always show up at exactly the right moment... I suppose he'd come up with an excuse for that (or the Organization would).

Originally Posted by Volcanic View Post
But yeah, Koizumi's so calm and collected he must have stayed with the Organization for at least a little while and learned to shady.
Brainwashed? XD?

I honestly think there's something not quite right about him psychologically -- he's stated during one of his more serious talks with Kyon that even he's not sure when he started wearing his "mask". That seems to indicate that it probably didn't happen right when he transferred, because he would have remembered that. So it probably started before, but how long before is a mystery. Is it something he learned to do after the Organization scooped him up? Something he was started pre-Organization but post-esper powers, a kind of defense mechanism so that other people wouldn't think he was a complete freak?

Hm... I have to admit that I'm a little against the word "shady" to describe him. He, as much as Nagato and as much as Asahina-san, is still a puppet of his parent faction, so I think it's more that the Organization is shady rather than Koizumi, himself, being shady. A lot of what he does and says could be done and said on orders from his superiors, not necessarily because he wants to screw with Kyon's mind. It's true that he seems to have more freedom to work within those confines (he doesn't have to answer to any Data Overmind, and he's not a slave to maintaining the future), but he's nonetheless a subordinate, not a free agent.

(This brings up an interesting thought -- if and when his promise to Kyon about "standing by his side" and choosing the Brigade over the Organization needs to be fulfilled, just how is the Organization going to take that? If they're anywhere near as violent as Koizumi has hinted, it might not end well for him if he decides to defect. Not only would the Organization be losing their agent currently closest to Haruhi, they'd also be losing one of their prized espers. He's never been guaranteed the same protection the girls have (Haruhi is, you know, Haruhi; Kyon blackmailed Nagato's boss to keep her safe; assuming the future remains unchanged, (big) Asahina-san's existence would mean that nothing befalls her either), so of all of them to meet a Bad End, it might be him...)

Originally Posted by yankervitch View Post
Not to confuse topics here, but Koizumi's description of figuring out that he was an esper is not entirely unlike the coming-out stories of several gay people.

As for the other theories about his family, going back to the idea that he's gay, it wouldn't be unheard of (although certainly a very sad story) for a family to cut off their gay children.
That's... kind of an interesting thought? You have to figure, though, that Koizumi was, what, twelve-ish when he received his powers? (Give or take a year, depending on what you figure his current age to be. I don't know if it's ever explicitly stated. I've also read at least one rumor that I think called into question whether or not he's even the age he pretends to be; older or younger than a typical first year high schooler? Who knows!) Anyway, cutting off a twelve year old seems a little harsh, whether gay or esper or both. If he had been older, that'd be a little different, I think.

Edit Yes, I tl;dr. Frequently. I'm allowed to do that in the Koizumi thread, right?

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