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Originally Posted by Nochgo View Post
I guess what I thought of that 'strong' human nen user was not really strong at all compared to the royal guards. For examples, that 'strong' human couldn't even react to the king's attack. I'm sure the royal guards are much stronger, in that sense.

In short I'm just trying to say race doesn't matter to the king, just your strength, and that the royal guards are far more stronger than any human that the king ate before.
Strength has a part to play in it of course, but if strength had a part to play in it, then I'm quite certain that Netero's flesh would be superb to Meruem's palat, considering he was almost a match for him on his own. That said, I'm also quite certain none of the royal guards would be a match for Netero. He would surely have been able to resist the nen of the royal guards. But the fact that Meruem wasn't any more interested in eating him than any other human, I tend to think that race does play a part in it. Strength as well, but I don't think it determines everything behind Meruem's tastes.

Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
Am I the only one that has a problem with the king surviving a point-blank bomb in the first place?
Powerful okay, but there has to be a limit to what a physical beeing can withstand in this world.
Meruem was almost dead actually. If it wasn't for the fact that Youpi and Pouf gave themselves to him, he would have died long before they could get him to Pitou. But as Animizzle said, someone with Meruem's nen capabilities may have been able to protect himself to some extent using Ken and Gyo and focus it completely to the front portion of his body except the limbs. Even that didn't save him completely because, as I said, he was minutes, if not seconds away from death. The only thing that really saved him was Youpi's and Pouf's flesh.
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