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Originally Posted by Crimson Cloud View Post
About expectations, true at some extend, although debatable. But aren't you being too harsh? You practically buried the show even if it's just the first episode.

To me, it's much more logical to dislike the show based on the first episode in fanservice anime (you already expect the fanservice and if you don't like the art and/or the characters you will not stick to it), then anime which is mostly about the story that will slowly move on and explain itself for the next few episodes. Maybe this show will be good and maybe not, but I would give more episodes a go before forming a definite opinion on the entire show.
We only have so much time. I know that this show isn't going to get better, as it's primary faults are in it's very fabric, stuff that isn't going to change as it goes along. Storyline is all well and good, but if your presentation sucks, and you can't get the audience into it, can't absorb them in your world, you've failed.

Mayoi Chiki is exactly what people wanted -> fanservice anime. They just want fanservice anime, and fanservice doesn't need to be very good to satisfy people's wants. No one is expecting shakespeare.

When you make a "serious" show you can't get away with the corner cutting that you get in fanservice, hence why this show is more harshly judged.
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